Money Is The Language They Understand – Senator Ibezim


During the senatorial rally, held on December 5th 2020, the senatorial aspirant; Senator Chukwuma Francis Ibezim of the All Progressive Congress (APC), in Imo State plagued his manifesto to the people. During his speech he showed high confidence on how people would vote for him despite any challenges.

The video of his campaign (which has been circulating on social media) made people express their opinion and some showed grievance especially towards the crowd that was cheering him on. Some people stated that the ignorance of the people is what made them cheer for his irrelevant manifesto. They had no clue it would leave their state in worst condition.

Among those who expressed their opinion was Emeka Amakeze.
In his speech he said,
we would go into the grassroots and give them money as that is the only language that they understand and that’s enough to get their votes.

News circulating also infer that Senator Ibezim was ordered by the Federal high court to desist from participating in the on going senatorial Bye election on the 4th of December 2020.


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