Richard Okorogheye a 19 year old young adult which was reported missing on Wednesday 24th 2021 in his home in Ladbroke Grove has been found dead.
On Monday 5th April 2021, a body was found by the Metropolitan Police on information by their colleague from Essax Police in a lake in Epping forest. Formal identification took place and the body was confirmed to be that of the young Richard.
Richard’s death is being treated as unexplainable and the police does not believe at this stage that there was any third party involvement. The forensic post mortem which took place on Wednesday 7th April 2021 for the cause of death found no evidence of physical trauma or assault. However investigation are still being carried out.
The decreased mother spoke on an interview with Sky News saying that she’s surprised to hear the police believe there was no third party; “I can’t believe my son would walk into a forest if he was not going to see someone.”
In quest for the investigation, Ms Joel said she would give every support the police needs inorder to find out what happened to her son. “It’s as if my heart has been ripped apart.” She said amidst tears during the interview.
Richard had been shielding due to the COVID and only left home only to attend his hospital appointment for his sickle cell treatment. Initial equiries identified Richard leaving his home and heading the direction of Ladbroke Grove,w10 on 22nd March, he was later seen boarding the 23 bus in Ladbroke Grove, heading south bound. Further investigation showed that Richard then took a taxi journey from West London to a residential street in loughton, Essax, he was captured on CCTV walking alone in smart lane, loughton, towards the Epping forest at midnight on Tuesday 23 March. This was the last time he was seen.
“Something happened there, it’s too far for Richard to walk alone into that darkness, you can’t, it’s tedious, it’s darkness.” Ms Joel stated during the interview.
Investigators are still looking for his gadgets and are searching the forest for his shoes, phone and bag which was not found on him upon the discovery of his body.


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